Welcoming our newest client!! Katies Korner Howland, Ohio

Island Consulting proudly presents their first client! Katies Korner in Howland, Ohio!  Owned and operated by Cheryl Maiorca and her Husband Butch Maiorca. Their warm smiles and wonderful personalities set them apart from all the rest.  If you spend enough time with Butch you will soon grow to love his amazing sense of humor.  The Maiorca’s desire is to connect with their customers and take their business to a whole new level.  They contracted Island Consulting to help deliver their desired connection.  A facebook fan page and twitter account are just a few of the many additions to connect with their customers. Be sure to stop by at http://www.KatiesKornerHowland.com we are just getting them launched and your feedback is welcomed.

Here are a few ways Cheryl plans to connect with her customers.

  • Ice Cream Trivia
  • Fan page followers
  • Ice Cream Happy Hour
  • and more!
    Katie’s Korner History
    Katherine Martin and her family started Katie’s Korner in 1983. Since the beginning, our focus has been on making and marketing a high quality gourmet ice cream. Our first location, located in a century old house, was the site of manufacturing and retail sales. In 1987 we opened a second store in Canfield, Ohio, which later became our first franchise. Unable to fulfill the requests for products, we expanded again in 1990 with the opening of a retail store and manufacturing plant in Hubbard, Ohio. This facility can manufacture our own specially formulated ice cream mix, as well as a variety of ice creams, sherbets, sorbets, and ice cream pies.

    We are not a major corporation, but a niche supplier of gourmet ice cream. We make our products – not just market them. Each product is hand-crafted in our plant to assure consistent quality. Our growth to date has been driven by our products, not by advertising. Currently we produce and distribute over 70 flavors to our retail locations and commercial accounts. Our customers include the prestigious, award winning five star resort, The Greenbrier, located in West Virginia.  Nutritional Information

    Ice Cream Flavors
    Yogurt Flavors
    Banana Butter pecan
    Black Cherry Chocolate pecan
    Black Raspberry Peach
    Black Raspberry Cheesecake Strawberry
    Black Walnut Vanilla
    Bubble Gum
    Butter Pecan
    Butterscotch Ripple Blue Boy
    Cappucino Fudge Lime
    Carmel Cashew Orange
    Chewey Chocolate Pineapple
    Cherry Cordial Red Raspberry
    Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
    Chocolate Almond Lemon
    Chocolate Chip Black Raspberry
    Chocolate Marshmellow
    Chocolate Pecan
    Sugar Free / Fat Free
    Cinnamon Apricot Mango
    Coconut Almond Butter Pecan
    Coffee Fudge Ripple
    Cotton Candy Milky Way ®
    Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Peanut Butter Fudge
    French Silk Red Raspberry
    French Vanilla Vanilla
    German Chocolate Cake
    Seasonal or Special Flavors
    Heath Bar ® Apple Pie
    Maple Walnut Black Forest
    Mint Chocolate Chip Black Raspberry Sherbet
    Mocha Chunk Cherry Cheesecake
    Mousse Truffle Coconut Creme Pie
    Muddy Sneakers Firecracker
    Orange Pineapple Fudge Ripple
    Oreo ® Peach
    Pistachio Peppermint
    Praline Pecan Pina Colada
    Reese’s ® Pumpkin
    Rocky Road Strawberry Cheesecake
    Rum Raisin Triple Chocolate
    Salty Dog
    Vanilla Bean

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